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You have vital data & files stored in iCloud, and AnyTrans helps you manage them in a brilliant and secure way. Now, you can preview and extract any data you want from iCloud backups, batch save iCloud photos to computer, edit contacts or delete outdated notes quickly, move files between computer and iCloud Drive in a timesaving way, or even integrate data from multiple iCloud accounts to your daily used one for quicker access. Everything in iCloud is under your full control.

Get Back What's Important to You from iCloud Backup

iCloud automatically backs up your iPhone daily to keep your data safe. Once your iPhone is lost or broken, it may be your only way to get back everything important. Now, AnyTrans gives you more freedom and possibilities with iCloud backups. You can preview every single item from every backup file, select your wanted photos, contacts, messages, music, videos or other data, and export all those you selected only. There is no need of time-consuming full restore if you just want to recover certain data instead of the whole backup. This makes sure you retrieve what you really need without one piece of useless data, in a more efficient way.

Manage Your iCloud Photos As You Wish

AnyTrans takes good care of all your iCloud photos. It helps you export photos to computer as a local backup. You don't have to download them one by one. Instead, all photos you want will be saved in bulk with 1 click. It's also convenient to batch remove unneeded photos from iCloud, and free up valuable storage for better use. AnyTrans even uniquely enables you to upload any iPhone photos to any iCloud account as you wish, incl. photos synced from iTunes or 3rd-party apps. It's just got a lot handier yet more capable to manage iCloud photos.

iCloud Drive Can Definitely Serve You Better

Remember the feel when you had to re-download a 1GB file from the very beginning, just because the previous download failed in the last minute? Now, AnyTrans saves you from such frustration. It smartly allows you to resume interrupted downloads, so you can continue from where it left off, saving you a considerable amount of precious time. Better yet, you are even able to upload or download multiple files in batches with simple drag-and-drop, no more annoying one-by-one clicks.

Hassle-Free Data Migration Among Multiple iCloud Accounts

AnyTrans introduces the fresh-new concept of multi-iCloud Sync to the world. Never worry about iCloud storage shortage ever since, as you can easily move old photos to other spare iCloud accounts and reclaim GBs of free storage immediately. No more frequent switching among multiple iCloud accounts to find a contact, since all important data can be integrated to your daily-used iCloud account. And it's never been so straightforward to share iCloud data & files among family members. iCloud Sync brings you more possibilities in managing multiple iCloud accounts.

Managing iCloud Content Now Made Even Simpler

To help you manage iCloud data and files efficiently, AnyTrans has a quick solution. Whether you want to download iCloud photos to desktop, add new contacts to iCloud, edit your calendar event, or delete old reminders, you can easily and instantly get it done via an intuitive UI. No bother to open iCloud.com website. When exporting contacts, notes, and more items, you can set output formats based on your demands. Everything we designed is to give you a pleasant experience.

100% Secure and Confidential Guarantee

Taking your privacy and security as our primary concern, AnyTrans is designed with the strongest encryption and absolute confidentiality. It never retains your iCloud account info, neither any data inside. Every iCloud login within AnyTrans is protected with the same encryption used by Apple, and we have no way to decrypt it. You are guaranteed to be the only one who is able to access your iCloud data.

Go Get AnyTrans®

Get a smart way to manage your iPhone, iPad, iTunes and iCloud content, and enjoy full-way transfer across devices. AnyTrans lets you spend less time managing but more time enjoying your digital life.

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