Freely Enjoy Millions of Online Videos and Music Offline

It's amazing to watch online videos on iPhone and iPad with industry-leading displays and stereo speakers. Now, AnyTrans enables you to fully enjoy them, even on the move. As a free solution, it downloads any online videos and music of your interest directly into your iPhone, iPad, or computer. You're then free to enjoy them offline on a flight or underground, or simply when you don't have an Internet connection.

A Universe of Online Videos, Just A Click Away

Everyone has a favorite media site to watch videos. AnyTrans covers YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, and other 1000+ sites to let you download any videos you want. You can always pick your preferred format, resolution or size, and enjoy it offline.

Simple as It Looks, Intelligent as It Works

It's never been so convenient to download an online video straight to your iOS devices and computer. You just copy the URL, and AnyTrans will do the rest. It automatically detects videos within each URL, and efficiently downloads all your favored videos in bulk. More intelligently, you can quickly search YouTube videos by keywords, like video title, creator or other related information.

Enjoy Your Favorite Online Videos on The Move

Easy to feel bored during a long flight or train trip? Well, AnyTrans is here to keep you entertained with your favorite videos. It lets you choose from millions of online videos and download the ones you like directly to iPhone & iPad. All the clips will be automatically converted to iOS-compatible formats for perfect playback. You can then watch them via the native Videos app of your iOS device, in your most familiar and battery-efficient way, anywhere, anytime, as you wish.

Store Wanted Online Videos Locally, with Top Quality

It's painful when your favorite online video gets removed from YouTube or another site, and you are thus never able to watch it again, ever. Now, no more worries. AnyTrans can save whatever you love, locally. All the videos you want can be smoothly downloaded from YouTube and other 1000+ sites, and safely preserved in your computer, with the best resolution and no pre-roll ads. You know they'll always be available for you to enjoy, even sidestepping annoying ads.

Keep Your Music Always Available, Wherever You Go

More than videos, AnyTrans now can also download online music to your iPhone, iPad, iPod or computer, as you want. It will automatically convert the downloaded audio files to MP3 format, so you can listen to them smoothly on your iOS devices. With all your favorite songs stored locally in your pocket, you'll never miss a beat since then, no matter where you go.

More to Expect, Just Stay Tuned (Coming Soon…)

AnyTrans is gonna be more intelligent to better serve you for downloading online videos, soon. You'll only need to copy the URL or drag-and-drop it to a floating window, and then leave the rest work to AnyTrans. It will analyze and download all the videos without further bothering you. Just stay tuned for more amazing possibilities.


Please do not use AnyTrans to download illegal or prohibited content by any applicable law, or any content that you do not own the copyright of or without permission from the copyright holder or for commercial use. iMobie shall not be liable or responsible for any illegality caused by anyone’s improper use of AnyTrans.

Go Get AnyTrans®

Get a smart way to manage your iPhone, iPad, iTunes and iCloud content, and enjoy full-way transfer across devices. AnyTrans lets you spend less time managing but more time enjoying your digital life.

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