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Full-Way Transfer Now Also Gets Simpler

AnyTrans breaks the sync boundaries to bring you full-way transfer across iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, iCloud and computer. Now it takes one step further to get it done by simple drag and drop or one quick click. Your data and files can fly straight to anywhere you want without a hassle.

  • Be The Master of Your Music

    Set yourself free from iTunes restrictions, and transfer music freely between iPhone, iPad, iPod, computer and iTunes. You can export songs from iPhone to computer or iTunes library. Drag music you like to iPhone without erasing anything existing. Take your favorite playlists to your new iPhone. Everything that's impossible with iTunes is now easy in one click.

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  • Take Care of Your iPhone Photos

    iPhone photos record your life moments, and AnyTrans keeps them safe for you. In a single click, it smartly and rapidly exports photos to computer by category, like Live Photos, Selfies, or albums you created – even converts photos from HEIC to JPG if you need. You can then batch remove photos that are safely backed up from your iPhone, and make room for more memories.

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  • Personal Info

    Remove old contacts and messages to keep your list clear. Export important ones for backup. Or, move them to new iPhone and ensure your connections are always at your fingertips.

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  • Apps

    It's a breeze to download, install, update, remove and manage iPhone/iPad apps and app data from computer. You can even share app files between iPhone and computer seamlessly.

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  • Messaging Apps

    AnyTrans keeps WhatsApp/LINE/Viber chats and files right within your reach. Whether you want to move them to new iPhone, or create a backup to avoid accidents, it’s a click away.

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  • Files & Documents

    Turn your iPhone into a USB flash drive to store files and documents. Using AnyTrans iOS app, you can then browse these files by category, and preview or share them directly from iPhone.

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Warm Your New iPhone with Sweet Memories

Got a new iPhone? Warm it up with your sweet memories. No matter you're upgrading from an old iPhone or Android phone, AnyTrans migrates all your essentials in one simple click - photos you shot, music you enjoyed, contacts you kept, messages you saved, or anything you need. You can even move apps and app data at one go. Don’t have to download apps one by one manually any more. What about the old phone? AnyTrans can permanently wipe everything on it, keeping your private info safe from falling into the wrong hands.

  • iPhone to iPhone

  • Android to iOS

  • Backup to iPhone

  • iCloud/Google Cloud to iPhone

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Never Worry About Data Loss Any More

Keeping a complete and up-to-date backup is the best way to protect you from unexpected data loss. Now AnyTrans provides a more complete iPhone backup solution, as well as a more flexible restore solution. It makes sure you can get back your valued data in an easy, quick and preferred way.

Feel Safe with The Most Complete Backup Ever

AnyTrans backs up more data and files than iTunes to bring you ultra safety. Besides everything that an iTunes backup includes, it covers 10 more types of files, including synced photos, music, movies, ringtones, etc. To better meet your different demands, AnyTrans offers 3 backup solutions for you to choose from - Full Backup, Incremental Backup and Air Backup.

Explore more details and find a backup solution you like
  • Full Backup

    Surpassing iTunes in content coverage, AnyTrans makes the real full backup. All data and files that you don’t want to lose are backed up in entirety.

  • Incremental Backup

    By creating new backups for only the changed data or added data based on the previous backup, AnyTrans largely saves the backup time and disk space for you.

  • Air Backup

    Now all your iPhone and iPad backups can be made automatically, wirelessly, silently, and securely at your preferred frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.).

Restore What You Lost in A Quicker and More Flexible Way

Unlike iTunes that can only restore the whole backup blindly, AnyTrans offers you more flexibility and certainty.

  • Full/Selective Restore

    Apart from full restore, you can also preview backup files and restore only what you need. No existing content on iPhone will be erased, and restored data get right back to where they were, just like they were never deleted.

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  • Multiple Backup Resources

    Whether your lost data lie in an iTunes backup or AnyTrans backup, you can always find them back effortlessly. With wide support of multiple types of backups, AnyTrans gives you a higher chance to retrieve your valued data.

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Enrich Your iPhone Life with Simple yet Stunning Gadgets

Media Downloader

Lose Yourself in Videos & Music

You love enjoying movies and music, so AnyTrans brings you the universe of videos and songs. You can download movies, videos and music you like from YouTube and other 1000+ sites, and save them directly to iPhone or iPad. All incompatible media files will be automatically converted to MP4 or MP3. Go get something great now to keep yourself amused during daily commute or long flight.

Explore how to enjoy millions of videos

Disclaimer: AnyTrans must only be used for private purposes and Copyright Free Content downloading. Any commercial or illegal use of AnyTrans is strictly forbidden.

Ringtone Maker

Turn Your Favorite Song into Ringtone

Your favorite song can also be your unique tone. No matter it’s on the computer, iTunes library, iPhone or even from the Internet, feel free to pick the part you love, turn it into your ringtone, and use it right away. All goes straightforwardly with the one-stop solution.

Check how to create custom tones

Screen Mirroring

Mirror & Record Your iPhone Screen

Find a mobile game live streaming on iPhone and want to display it on the larger screen of computer? Want to record your mobile gameplay or a class lecture? AnyTrans can help. It enables you to mirror iPhone screen to a computer, and record your screen or save it as a screenshot easily.

See how to mirror, record and capture iPhone screen
  • Use Your iCloud Easily and Securely

    As the innate partner of iOS devices, iCloud is indispensable but complicated for most of us. Now no worries. AnyTrans lets you manage iCloud files easily as you do locally with Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. You can view and extract iCloud backups, delete old files to save precious iCloud storage, batch save photos to computer, move files seamlessly between iCloud accounts, etc. Every access is protected by Apple’s encryption algorithm to keep your privacy absolutely private.

    Check how iCloud Manager works
  • Update iTunes Experience As Well

    AnyTrans breaks iTunes restrictions to give you better sync experience. With its 2-way transfer, you can not only transfer music and videos from iTunes library to iPhone, but also rebuild damaged iTunes library by exporting songs and playlists from iPhone, iPad or iPod. Also, never worry about losing current data on iPhone after iTunes sync, as the transfer can be done without erasing anything. So, feel free to enrich your iPhone music library from multiple iTunes libraries as you want.

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AnyTrans User Reviews

  • AnyTrans works great for people with multiple iCloud accounts. I have 3 accounts for certain reasons. This can help me move files directly from cloud to cloud.

    —— Jean Paul

  • I want to transfer all of my photos to my new Mac, but I'm not using iTunes. This software is fast and easy to use.

    —— Mark

  • This is exactly what I need and it also helps me transfer memorable photos to a computer and save space on iPhone. Thank you AnyTrans!

    —— Tanguy

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