Mirror, Record and Capture Screen, One Solution for All

AnyTrans is your one-stop solution for iPhone screen mirroring, recording and capturing. It lets you mirror iPhone screen to computer, make a full-screen recording, or capture the screenshot in a click. All screen recordings and capturings are made from computer, so your iPhone will not be slowed down and you’ll never be disturbed when recording your mobile gameplay.

Stream Your iPhone Content to Computer

Find a mobile game live streaming on iPhone and want to display it on the big screen of computer? Your PowerPoint presentation is stored on iPhone and want to present it on computer? No problem. You can mirror your iPhone to computer wirelessly, and show your content in real time. It’s much convenient to display your videos to friends or presentation documents to audience.

Record Any Content on iPhone as You Want

No matter you want to record videos, TV shows, or class lectures, or capture your operations on iPhone to create a tutorial, AnyTrans can always handle them with ease. It does not limit what or how long you record, and never adds any watermark, making sure you’ll get a complete and high-quality recording file.

Capture iPhone Screen in Only One Click

AnyTrans makes it as easy as one click to take iPhone screenshot from computer. You can see your real-time iPhone screen, and capture anything visible in high quality. Every screenshot will be instantly and automatically saved on your computer for later use or further editing.

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Save Videos & Photos as Your Preferred Format

To meet your different demands in later use of videos and screenshots, AnyTrans offers multiple options for you. You can select the resolution for screen recording, save photos as your preferred format, and even save videos as GIF images. Get your desired files in a few clicks.

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Edit Your Screenshots in Real Time

AnyTrans also enables you to edit screenshots instantly. You can crop the image, add texts, arrows, bubbles or other elements to highlight important parts or make annotations. If there’s something personal on the image, just use the mosaic or blur effect to hide it.

Go Get AnyTrans®

Get a smart way to manage your iPhone, iPad, iTunes and iCloud content, and enjoy full-way transfer across devices. AnyTrans lets you spend less time managing but more time enjoying your digital life.

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