Begin iPhone Life Easily with All Your Memories

You don't have to abandon your messages, contacts, photos or other valued data when moving from Android phone to iPhone. AnyTrans lets you take all memories along. It migrates much more types of data than anyone else could, and also allows you to transfer specific items you want only. This could save you a huge amount of time in transition and valuable storage on iPhone.

AnyTrans Migrates More Than Move to iOS App

Transferable Data AnyTrans Move to iOS
Messages Transfer all or selected messages, with attachments Transfer all texts without any choice, no attachments
Call Logs !AnyTrans is not available to transfer Call Logs/Reminders/Safari History to iDevice in iOS 13, since Apple has changed the protocol and does not allow any third-party tool to do so. Move all or selected call logs in as little as 1 second
Photos & Photo Videos Transfer all or any photos, photo videos as well as albums you select Transfer all photos and photo videos without any choice
Contacts Migrate all or selected contacts with full details Migrate all contacts without any choice
Music Transfer all or selected music with auto conversion to an iOS compatible format
Downloaded/Imported Videos Transfer all or selected videos with auto conversion to an iOS compatible format
Ringtones Transfer custom ringtones with auto conversion for iPhone
Books (PDFs & EPUBs) Selectively transfer PDFs and EPUBs you want to iBooks app of iPhone or iPad
Calendars Migrate all or important calendars you selected Migrate all calendars without any choice
Files (incl. Compressed Files) Find all files stored and transfer any as you want
Documents Find all documents stored and transfer any as you want

Additional Unique Advantages from AnyTrans

No need to factory reset iPhone before migration.

No overwriting of existing data & files on iPhone.

Freely select and transfer specific items you want.

Auto convert videos & music to iOS compatible formats.

Migrate data from Google Cloud to iPhone/iCloud.

Transfer data from Android phone to iCloud/iTunes.

Wipe Your Old Phone and Protect Your Privacy

How will you deal with your old Android phone after moving to iPhone? Resell it? Give it to someone else? No matter what’s your decision, the first thing you should do is wipe your phone to prevent privacy leaks. By utilizing military-grade shredding algorithms, AnyTrans erases everything on your phone completely and permanently - even the most sophisticated expert can never recover it.

Handy yet Useful iPhone Tips You May Need

Here we've prepared a few tips to help you better manage and fully enjoy your iPhone with ease.

Go Get AnyTrans®

Get a smart way to manage your iPhone, iPad, iTunes and iCloud content, and enjoy full-way transfer across devices. AnyTrans lets you spend less time managing but more time enjoying your digital life.

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