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Beyond Data, Rescue Your iPhone as Well

Adding to the most comprehensive file types, PhoneRescue has expanded the recovering power from specific data to the whole iPhone system. It’s easier than ever to revive your broken iPhone from any iOS crash since your versatile helper is always standing by.

Your New iOS Support Engineer

PhoneRescue can fix your iPhone from breakdown when it runs into a failed recovery, upgrade error or jailbreak collapse. No need to search online for a confusing reboot-guide, or waste your money on a repair store. Now you can easily repair your iPhone at home like a pro in simple clicks.

Perfectly Reserve the Original Data During the Repairing

Many may suggest a factory reset when your iPhone system crashes, but by doing so you will lose all your original data inside. Now, PhoneRescue can perfectly repair the error without removing a single byte off your iPhone storage.

Note: The update to reserve original data of an iPhone during repairing is coming soon.


Never Lose A Single Byte in iPhone Data Disaster

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