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On iMobie News Center you will find the first hand information about our software release or update news. And we will greatly appreciate if you can kindly share it with whoever that may need our software.

iMobie Rolled Out 8th Anniversary Giveaway

November 26, 2019

To celebrate its 8-year birthday as well as show sincere gratitude to all old and new friends, iMobie, a leading software developer, has launched an anniversary giveaway, with plentiful gifts and special offers. [Read more >>]

iMobie Gets Featured at HostingAdvice

Interview about iMobie: [Read more >>]

Migrating Everything to iPhone 11 (Pro) in 1 Click with Newly Refined AnyTrans 8

September 18, 2019

Can’t wait to enjoy the just released iPhone 11 Pro Max? To escort Apple fans to migrate data to new iPhone, iMobie AnyTrans 8 revamped and offered multiple data migration solutions for all users. [Read more >>]

AnyTrans 8 Elevates Your iPhone Experience to A Whole New Level

August 29, 2019

iMobie’s AnyTrans today announces the biggest update in 2019 for its iPhone manager, including a whole new UI, a new “Phone Switcher, and a newly added iPhone screen mirror feature, updating user’s iPhone experience to a whole new level. [Read more >>]

AnyTrans Gets Featured at App of The Day

Interview about AnyTrans: [Read more >>]

AnyTrans Now Wirelessly Manages Android Content Across Computer, Web & App

March 14, 2019

iMobie’s AnyTrans today announced the first remarkable update for Android users, which covers desktop program, web app, and mobile app with a whole new UI, offering users the best-in-class Android manager to master all content across different scenarios and multiple platforms. [Read more >>]

AnyTrans Is Updated to Manage iOS Ringtones & Apps without iTunes Restrictions

September 11, 2018

iMobie’s AnyTrans today announces it now allows iOS users to make custom ringtones for iPhone, manage apps, or even organize iOS home screens without iTunes restrictions. [Read more >>]

AnyTrans Can Now Manage, Transfer, and Share Files Across Multi-cloud for FREE

July 30, 2018

iMobie AnyTrans today unveils a breakthrough yet FREE cloud manager, helping users transfer, manage, and share files across multiple clouds at one place. [Read more >>]

YouTube is working on Incognito Mode to let you easily hide your trace

May 15, 2018

Recent years, it has been a standard feature for many apps and programs to let you use them without being tracked. And now YouTube app is reportedly testing an Incognito Mode that will not save your viewing history. [Read more >>]

“Bankers Against Bitcoin” protest outside Consensus 2018 turns out to be a joke

May 14, 2018

As 2018 Consensus conference kicked off today at the Hilton hotel in Midtown Manhattan, a “Bankers Against Bitcoin” protest was on outside. It successfully attracted people’s attention and soon spreaded out. [Read more >>]

Fun Uses for Google Duplex on the Internet

May 13, 2018

As the most noticed announcement in Goole I/O this year, Duplex, the AI Assistant, can call to make reservations and appointments for you. And now, people are inspired to make many other great and fun uses for Duplex with endless possibilities. [Read more >>]

Apple Watch Helped Save A 76-year-old Man’s Life

May 13, 2018

Though Apple Watch is initially positioned as something of a fashion accessory, most of its users’ favorite is its fitness and health tracking capabilities. In turn, there are a growing number of stories involving Apple Watch actually saving lives all these years. [Read more >>]

Google says its human-sounding AI assistant Duplex will reveal itself as a robot

May 10, 2018

Earlier this week, Google Duplex, the lifelike AI assistant that can make phone calls for you, was unveiled and soon stirred up plenty of debate about whether or how it should identify itself to humans. [Read more >>]

PUBG Mobile Now Works on Your PC with An Official Emulator

May 10, 2018

If you enjoy PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds mobile version on your phone, now you can have precise control on your PC, thanks to an official emulator. [Read more >>]

Beware This New WhatsApp “Message Bomb” Can Crash The App and Your Android Phone

May 7, 2018

Recently, two WhatsApp messages were found to have the ability to crash this messaging app, or even an entire Android phone. [Read more >>]

PhoneRescue Can Now Recover Your Forgotten iTunes Backup Password

April 2, 2018

iMobie, a leading software developer for iOS and Android, today announces that its cutting-edge data recovery software PhoneRescue is now able to recover forgotten iTunes backup password. [Read more >>]

PhoneRescue Recovers Deleted Messages on iPhone and Android Phone Without A Backup

March 7, 2018

iMobie Inc., a leading software company, introduces PhoneRescue that can retrieve lost messages and many other important data directly to iPhones and Android phones, even without a backup. [Read more >>]

PhoneRescue Now Retrieves Data from All Android Devices

February 1, 2018

iMobie Inc., a leading software company focused on Android and iOS, announces that its ultimate data recovery tool PhoneRescue supports recovery of data from all Android phones. [Read more >>]

iMobie AnyTrans® Is Ready to Transfer and Manage Data from Android Device

January 3, 2018

iMobie Inc., a leading software developer focused on Android and iOS, today proudly announces that its flagship product AnyTrans is now able to transfer and manage photos, messages, contacts, videos, apps and more from Android devices. [Read more >>]

iMobie Launches Its Biggest Ever Holiday Offer to Reward Customers – Buy AnyTrans, Get PhoneClean for FREE

December 22, 2017

Santa Claus is on his way! To celebrate the holiday in 2017, iMobie Inc., a cutting-edge software developer who focuses on iOS and Android, now rolls out the biggest holiday offer to reward customers. [Read more >>]

iMobie Rolls Out The Biggest Thanksgiving Discount on AnyTrans for Both PC and Mac Users

November 22, 2017

iMobie Inc., a leading iOS and Android related software developer, today rolls out the biggest Thanksgiving sale promotion ever to celebrate this special holiday with customers–up to $20 OFF discount on AnyTrans. [Read more >>]

iMobie Updates AnyTrans with Air Backup - Back-Up Entire iPhone Automatically, Wirelessly and Securely

November 06, 2017

iMobie, a leading software developer, today announced the new upgrade of their flagship product AnyTrans with an intelligent Air Backup - automatically back up iOS devices via SSL-secured Wi-Fi in the fastest and easiest way. [Read more >>]

iMobie Rolls Out The Biggest Halloween Sale Promotion 2017: Buy AnyTrans, Get PhoneRescue for FREE

October 31, 2017

iMobie Inc., a leading software developer, rolls out the biggest Halloween sale promotion 2017: buy the ultimate iPhone manager AnyTrans, get iOS data recovery software PhoneRescue for FREE, to celebrate the release of iPhone X and Halloween. [Read more >>]

iMobie AnyTrans Offers 3 Ways for iOS Users to Flawlessly Move Data to iPhone 8/8 Plus without Hassles

September 22, 2017

iMobie introduces its robust data transfer program - AnyTrans 6 to help iOS users move all data from old iPhone to new iPhone 8/8 Plus in just 1 click, or even from Android to the new iPhone seamlessly. [Read more >>]

Salvage iOS 11 Update Data Loss and Other Issues with iMobie’s Myriads of Solutions

September 19, 2017

iMobie company introduces its top-notch program – PhoneRescue to help iOS users salvage data loss disaster after iOS 11 update failure, and also prepares myriads of tips & solutions for fixing the most common issues of iOS 11 update. [Read more >>]

iMobie Releases AnyTrans 6.0 with FREE iOS Mover - The Easiest Way to Switch from Android to New iPhone

September 12, 2017

iMobie, a leading-edge software developer for iOS and Android, today proudly announces a major upgrade of their ultimate iPhone manager AnyTrans 6 with FREE iOS Mover - the easiest ever solution to move data from Android to iOS. [Read more >>]

iMobie PhoneRescue Now Can Download and Restore iCloud Backup in iOS 10.3 or Later, Even for the Latest iOS 11

June 30, 2017

iMobie Inc., a leading iOS and Android software developer, today announced its top-notch data recovery software PhoneRescue now is able to download & restore iCloud backups in iOS 10.3 or later, even for latest iOS 11. [Read more >>]

iMobie PhoneRescue Takes A Great Leap Forward in Data Recovery

June 19, 2017

iMobie Inc., a leading software developer for iOS and Android, today announces that its world-renowned product PhoneRescue has taken a great leap forward in data recovery. [Read more >>]

iMobie PhoneRescue Now Restores Lost Data for Android Users with The Highest Success Rate in The Industry, Even Directly to Phones and Tablets

June 5, 2017

PhoneRescue now is able to save lost photos, messages, contacts, WhatsApp data, and more for Android users, with the highest data recovery rate in the industry. [Read more >>]

iMobie AnyTrans and PhoneRescue Convoy iOS Users Through A Safe Spring Cleaning with No Risk of Data Loss

April 18, 2017

To help iPhone and iPad users clean up devices safely without risk of losing important data forever, iMobie brings iPhone manager AnyTrans to back up iPhone/iPad before cleaning and iPhone data recovery software PhoneRescue as a life savior in case data loss occurs. [Read more >>]

iMobie Escorts iPhone & iPad Users Through iOS 10.3 Update

March 29, 2017

To escort iOS users complete update safely, iMobie introduces iPhone manager AnyTrans as the ultimate backup solution before update and iPhone data recovery software PhoneRescue as the remedy in case data loss happens. [Read more >>]

iMobie Launches PhoneClean 5 with Erase Clean to Wipe iPhone Data Permanently for 100% Safeguard Against Identity Theft

March 27, 2017

iMobie Inc., today launches iOS Cleaner PhoneClean 5 with an entirely revamped UI to make interaction a pure fun and the new Erase Clean feature to erase and render everything in iPhone unrecoverable for identity thieves. [Read more >>]

iMobie Introduces The World’s First iCloud Manager to Sync and Manage iCloud Contents Across Multiple Accounts

February 17, 2017

iMobie Inc., an advanced iOS-related software developer, updated iPhone manager AnyTrans with exclusive iCloud management feature to manage and sync contents across multi-iCloud accounts. [Read more >>]

iMobie Updates AnyTrans to Free Download Online Videos from YouTube and 900+ Sites Directly to iPhone and Computer

January 9, 2017

iMobie Inc., a leading iOS-related software developer, announced today an update of iPhone manager AnyTrans with free Video Download feature. [Read more >>]

iMobie Rolls Out Biggest Holiday Promo Sale: Buy iPhone Manager, Get iPhone Cleaner PhoneClean for FREE

December 23, 2016

iMobie Inc., a leading iOS related software company, announced today the biggest ever holiday sale promotion to celebrate Christmas and New Year with customers. [Read more >>]

iMobie Launches AnyTrans 5 - The Ultimate iPhone Manager With Blazing Flash-Sync Speed And Redesigned Interface

September 12, 2016

iMobie Inc., released the most advanced iPhone manager AnyTrans 5, offering enhanced Flash-sync Speed and redesigned interface to craft the best iPhone, iPad and iPod touch experience. [Read more >>]

iMobie Updates iOS Data Recovery Software PhoneRescue - Restore Lost Files as Many as 25 Types, Even Directly to iPhone

June 28, 2016

iMobie Inc. announced PhoneRescue 3 to restore as many as 25 types of mis-deleted or lost data on iPhone and iPad. It also let regained personal data back to iPhone and repair iOS crash from any errors. [Read more >>]

iMobie Released Update for Free MacClean 3: Clean iTunes Backup for More Mac Storage Space

Apr 25, 2016

iMobie has added a new feature to MacClean 3, still for FREE. Not just cleanse and optimize a Mac, it now can free more disk space by removing unneeded iOS backups stored in iTunes. [Read more >>]

iMobie Releases MacClean 3: Clean, Optimize and Protect Your Mac from Malicious Threats For Free

Mar 15, 2016

iMobie Inc., announced the release of MacClean 3, still for FREE. Not just cleans junks and optimizes Mac, MacClean 3 now can also secure Mac users’ privacy and protect Mac from all types of security threats.
[Read more >>]

iMobie Launches New AnyTrans with Ability to Transfer App Data and Game Progress between iOS Devices

Dec 25, 2015

iMobie proudly announced a significant update to its ace iOS transfer software AnyTrans, which re-enabled users to transfer app data and game progress between iPhones/iPads running all iOS versions – including iOS 8.3 and above. [Read more >>]

iMobie Rolls Out 50% OFF Christmas Discount On AnyTrans and PhoneClean for Both PC and Mac Users

Dec 24, 2015

iMobie Inc. announces 50% off Christmas discount on its starred products AnyTrans and PhoneClean, to make users easily manage data & files across multiple iOS devices and free up iPhone iPad space to store more Christmas files. [Read more >>]

iMobie Announces the World's No.1 iOS Cleaning Software PhoneClean 4 with Thanksgiving Giveaway

Nov 26, 2015

iMobie Inc. hosts a 3-day giveaway of the newly released PhoneClean 4 as the biggest offer of the year for its fans and media partners. Giveaway lasts from 26 – 28 Nov 2015, worldwide available. [Read more >>]

iMobie Celebrates 4th Anniversary with AnyTrans Giveaway & Contest to Win $800 iTunes Gift Cards

Nov 23, 2015

iMobie Inc. is celebrating its 4th anniversary with customers. It offers 24h time-limited giveaway of the world’s No.1 iOS content manager AnyTrans and holds a contest to win $800 iTunes gift cards in total. [Read more >>]

New MacClean Comes with a Full Set of Mac Cleaning & Maintenance Utilities

July 21, 2015

iMobie Inc., proudly announced MacClean 2. As one of the first OS X El Capitan cleanup solutions, this new Mac Cleaner app comes to give users the best even free cleaning and maintenance solution for their Mac computers and laptops. [Read more >>]

iMobie Upgraded All the Products to Compatible with OS X Yosemite & iTunes 12

Oct 17, 2015

Alongside the release of OS X Yosemite and iTunes 12, iMobie Inc., an innovative iOS software developer, upgraded all its related products to Compatible with OS X Yosemite & iTunes 12. [Read more >>]

iMobie Celebrates Mac's 30th Birthday with Unlimited Giveaway of PhoneClean and AnyTrans for Mac Users

Feb 12, 2015

iMobie Inc. announces unlimited giveaway of PhoneClean for Mac and AnyTrans for Mac on the end of the Apple Macintosh's 30th birthday celebration. It's exciting news for Mac lovers to get the best iOS cleanup tool and iPhone transfer tool for free.[Read more >>]

iMobie 2013 Summer Travel Tips

July 12, 2013

What an exciting summer holiday season! Imagine you are enjoying the sunshine on the beach, watching kids or your lover fading out of your sight, and looming with laugh. [Read more >>]

Dramatically Speedup on PhoneClean - Up to 80% Faster Speed

May 31, 2013

iMobie Inc., an innovative iPhone iPad software developer, today issued PhoneClean 2.2. As the world first iOS cleaning utility, this top-notch iPhone Cleaner software achieves up to 80% scanning and cleaning speed. [Read more >>]

New Trend of iPhone iPad iPod Spring Cleanup

JAN 31, 2013

On the beginning of this January, iMobie Inc., announced 2013 Spring Cleanup Plan for all iPhone, iPad users. And in a matter of one month, PhoneClean 2, has been rewarded by Cnet, Lifehacker and hundreds of senior editors all over the world.[Read more >>]

A New iPhone Sync-master Alternative to iTunes 11

DEC 05, 2013

Apple released the long-awaited iTunes 11. While downloading this simple music player, users may notice that it even weighs about 90 megabytes and requires many long minutes to install and "prepare" the library before it becomes functional.[Read more >>]

PhoneTrans Pro V3.0 is Out - Featuring Top-notch iPhone Converter

NOV 18, 2013

iMobie Inc. today unveiled its flagship product - PhoneTrans Pro V3.0. Through several months research and development, now this full-fledged iPhone Transfer program perfectly integrates with up-to-the-minute iPhone Media Converter. [Read more >>]

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