Manage iPhone/iPad/iPod Content with Best 3 iTunes Alternatives in 2016


Think iTunes is clunky, slow and feature – limited? Read this article to check the software list of Top 3 iTunes Alternatives and select the best one to manage your iPhone/iPad/iPod on Windows PC or Mac OS.


Sept. 18, 2016

by Vicky

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Through our survey, over 79% iPhone users rely iPhone / iTunes / iCloud to store their important personal data. In order to help you extract useful photos, messages, notes and more from your backup, we composed this 2016 iPhone Backup Extractor Software Review for your reference.


Have you notice that each iTunes upgrade brings more hiccups into your computer when adding 3 or 4 more capabilities maybe you'll never need, and this makes itself slower? It changes its screen layout in ways that are subtle enough to make you throw your iPhone, iPad or iPod at the wall. Probably it's a place where you can find the best iTunes alternatives presented by iMobie.

Five Sins on iTunes

First off, we consider the following part as some friendly suggestions to the iTunes, rather than defamations of this legend app. But frankly we insist in suggesting Apple to make more improvements on its iTunes because of the shortcomings below:

  • Constant Updates - It's not a surprise when seeing "A new version of iTunes (12.3.1) is available. Would you like to download it now?" Each iTunes "update" requires you to download the entire program-not just a patch-and then restart everything.
    iTunes 12.3.1 Update

    iTunes 12.3.1 Update

  • iTunes Is Clunky & Slow, especially on PCs - Opening iTunes immediately slows down all of the other processes and ramps up your CPU usage to up 50 percent.
  • Every type of media content is handled differently by iTunes - Keynote files are handled via apps file sharing, music, video and photos have to be synced, books can be dragged and dropped, etc.
  • With the usage of time, the apps on our iPhone, iPad would take more and more storage. If iTunes could give an option to free up space on our iPhone, that would be awesome.
  • It's very likely we lose or delete some vital content on our iPhone, like photos, messages or a phone #. iTunes gives us the backup option, but in many cases it will not find all our lost iOS data.

3 Best Alternatives to iTunes

So in this page, we'll discuss three interesting alternatives to iTunes that will help you remove all iPod music syncing limits, clean up your iPhone to reclaim up to 60% free storage space, even you'll be able to recover your lost photos , messages and music in few clicks. Find your best iTunes alternatives through the quick navigation below:

Part 1 - AnyTrans - #1 iOS Contents Management Tool

AnyTrans - Manage iPod Music More Flexibly

As an all-in-one iOS contents management tool, AnyTrans helps you keep your iOS data and files organized by transferring them among iTunes library, PC/Mac computer and other iDevices.

There's no 'drag-and-drop' option on iTunes. Instead, there's a 'manually manage music and videos' option-but with it, you're still syncing. Syncing really becomes a problem when you have more than one iDevice to sync to one library-especially if you have an iPhone and an iPad, because there's no option to 'manually manage apps'.

Bearing that in mind, iMobie AnyTrans gives you a better choice for iPhone/iPad/iPod iOS contents management. Through the intuitive user interface, you are able to manage more than 20 kinds of iOS contents like Photos, Videos, Music, Movies, Calendar, Text Messages, Contacts, Notes, etc. by moving them among computer, iTunes library and other iDevices. More than anything, the AnyTrans 4.0 supports reading iTunes and iCloud backups and extracting anything you like from them. Free Download This iTunes Alternative to Give It A Try >

Best iTunes Alternative for Managing iOS Contents – AnyTrans Overview

Best iTunes Alternative for Managing iOS Contents – AnyTrans Overview

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Part 2: Best iTunes Alternative for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch Storage Cleanup

PhoneClean – Top iDevice Storage Cleanup Tool

A fantastic iDevice cleaning tool made to remove the junk files and caches from your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and speed up your device to make it run as fast as new.

Connect your iPhone to iTunes, after clicking your device icon, you'll notice a storage usage bar. It's a common issue to have a large number of space taken up by the Other category in an iOS device. This can become very annoying especially when you run out of space and want to download something new. Read this iMobie Guide – What Is Other on iPhone and How to Remove it to make Other smaller.

Best iTunes Alternative 2014

Seemingly Apple offers an option to make more storage available by deleting items like music, photos, videos, and apps, via Usage Settings, but it's not a long-term solution to this problem and there is no reason to sacrifice these personal or entertainment content. So an iTunes alternative solution for iOS cleanup is needed.

You need to download a third party software named PhoneClean. Its Quick Clean focuses on removing a number of long-term caches, temp and junk files generated by many Apps or failed iTunes syncs. About it's Internet Clean and Privacy Clean, you can find it is able to remove the message, Safari cookies and history, as well as many other files lurking on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. And the new feature of PhoneClean 4 – Silent Clean even enable you to clean caches, junk files on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch without connecting via cable.

Best iTunes Alternative for iDevice Storage Cleanup: PhoneClean Overview

Best iTunes Alternative for iDevice Storage Cleanup: PhoneClean Overview

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Part 3: Best Alternative to iTunes for iOS Data Recovery

PhoneRescue – No.1 iOS Data Recovery Tool

A powerful iOS data recovery tool made to recover deleted iOS data and files on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch directly, and also supports retrieving lost data from iTunes and iCloud backup.

Mistaken deletion of your saved photos, text messages, call log or other vital info on your iPhone could be a disaster in your life. This is the very reason we introduced such an iTunes alternative named - PhoneRescue, with the promise of getting all your lost-but-valued media or text data back in your hands. PhoneRescue always help you recover the deleted data and files from iPhone iPad and iPod touch, no matter whether you have made iTunes or iCloud backup in advance. When haven't any backup, you can recover the deleted or lost data on your device directly; when having iCloud or iTunes backup, you can use PhoneRescue to scan your backup and then selectively retrieve what you like. Now Click Here to Free Download PhoneRescue >

Best iTunes Alternative for Recovering iOS Data: PhoneRescue Overview

Best iTunes Alternative for Recovering iOS Data: PhoneRescue Overview

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